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We look forward to working with the UCLA Research Community. Contact us via e-mail at to set up a free consultation or to submit your comments. At the completion of every experiment, we would like the PI's and researchers involved to submit their comments. These comments will be read by the Directors and Advisory Board and will help us greatly in improving the services that we provide to the research community at UCLA.
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Anonymous comments can be sent to the mailing address below.

Mailing Address and Phone Numbers

UCLA Behavioral Testing Core
UCLA Psychology
1285 Franz Hall
Box 951563
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1563
Campus Mailcode: 156304

Office: 310-267-4628

Fax: Attn. Jesse D. Cushman: 310-206-5895


The Behavioral Testing Core's office is located in Franz Hall, B-floor, room B522.  The office is in a restricted area requiring card reader access.  If you are visiting the facility for the first time, please call ahead to arrange escort into the restricted area.

Franz Hall is located on the northwest corner of the Court of Sciences, near the intersection of Charles Young Dr. and Westholme Ave, right next to the inverted water fountain. Map

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