ARC Protocol Submissions

All Applications to Use Animal Subjects in Research and/or Teaching are now submitted online at  All users must have an approved protocol before they can begin work in the Behavioral Testing Core.

ARC Submission Deadlines and Information

The UCLA Office of Animal Research Oversight website contains information on deadlines and meeting times for the ARC.

Behavioral Procedures for ARC Submissions

If you are submitting or amending an ARC protocol for use of the Behavioral Testing Core Facility, contact the Core staff to determine whether your proposed task requires greater description than that provided by the general Behavioral Testing Core Facility Protocol (#2002-130-12).

Animal Transfers

The UCLA Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) requires that an animal transfer form be filed whenever animals are transferred between facilities, even within the university.  The Animal Transfer Record should be filled out by the user and returned to DLAM Inernal Animal Transfers by E-mail: or Fax: 5-6119.

Behavioral Tasks

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Location & Contacts

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