SHIRPA Primary Screen

The SHIRPA Primary Screen is a very basic behavioral battery that includes measures of muscle function, cerebellar function, sensory function, neuropsychiatric function, and autonomic function.


The subject is run through a battery of tests that can be completed within approximately 20 minutes. The tests include observation for a variety of normal and abnormal spontaneous behaviors, and measurements of activity levels, arousal, respiration, gait, muscle tone, reflexes, aggression, etc.  If a subject group shows unusual behavior or function in one or more of the tests, further testing can be done in that domain.  Additional testing in an individual subject would generally be classified under Basic Neurological Screening.

SHIRPA Primary Screen

Behavioral Tasks

SHIRPA Primary Screen

Rat Services
Fear Conditioning
Morris Water Maze
Radial Arm Maze
T Maze
Social Interaction
Ultrasonic Vocalization
Conditioned Taste Aversion
Conditioned Place Preference
Novel Object Recognition
Open Field
SHIRPA Primary Screen
Elevated Plus Maze
Light-Dark Box
Social Recognition
Social Transmission
    of Food Preference
Basic Neurological Screens
      ° Vision Penlight
      ° Hot Plate
      ° Tail Immersion
      ° Grip Strength
      ° Gait Analysis
      ° Balance Beam
      ° Forced Swim
      ° Tail Suspension

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