Behavioral Testing Core Facility's Available Tasks

The Core offers a large array of behavioral tasks.  We have included a brief description of some of the tasks here.  If you are interested in a task that is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to provide the apparatus and space needed.

In addition, the Core can provide space for basic physical assessment protocols, such as the SHIRPA Primary Screen.

The Core will provide training and guidance in experimental design, proposal preparation, and statistical analyses.

Select a task listed to the left to learn more about each one.

Behavioral Tasks

Rat Services
Fear Conditioning
Morris Water Maze
Radial Arm Maze
T Maze
Social Interaction
Ultrasonic Vocalization
Conditioned Taste Aversion
Conditioned Place Preference
Novel Object Recognition
Open Field
SHIRPA Primary Screen
Elevated Plus Maze
Light-Dark Box
Social Recognition
Social Transmission
    of Food Preference
Basic Neurological Screens
      ° Vision Penlight
      ° Hot Plate
      ° Tail Immersion
      ° Grip Strength
      ° Gait Analysis
      ° Balance Beam
      ° Forced Swim
      ° Tail Suspension

AND many more
available tests...

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