UCLA Behavioral Testing Core Facility

Welcome to the UCLA Behavior Core web site.  We are a multidisciplinary Core located in the Psychology Department at UCLA.  Our goal is to provide facilities and assistance to the research community at UCLA as well as outside researchers.  The Core provides expertise in the design, implementation, and analysis of behavioral experiments.  This site is designed to provide information for potential users of the Core.  Thank you and enjoy your visit to our site.  Please feel free to email comments or questions.  See the Contacts page for more information.


As requested by researchers, the UCLA Behavioral Testing Core is now adding services for rat users.  Go to the Rat Services page for details on which tests we currently offer for rats and how to let us know about the tasks your lab would like to see us offer in the future.


UCLA Behavioral Testing Core Supervisor: Jesse D. Cushman Ph.D.

The UCLA Behavioral Testing Core Facility has recently expanded our services!  First, we now offer BTC-staff performed experiments in addition to training and supervision of lab members.  We can now also assist clients outside the university with experiments.  See the Services and Rates pages for more details.

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