Custom Made Optogenetic Ferule Implants

We can make custom-sized optogenetic ferule implants for you to use in your experiments.

We currently have the capacity to make ferules with the core diameter of 200 and 250 microns in both ceramic and metal casings. We cut the glass fiberoptic to within 0.5 mm of your requested length specifications, assemble and polish the ends. We then power test all the implants for percentage of power output and record these values to be included with your order so that you can adjust the power during your experiment while being assured that power remains consistent from one subject to the next.

We do not perform implantation surgeries, but if needed we can consult with you on how to perform them.

Our minimum order is 3 implants. We charge $20 per implant when given reasonable advance notice. For short notice orders, the cost goes up to $25 per implant to cover any overtime charges required to complete your order on time.

Short notice orders are considered as following:

  • More than 10 implants in less than 5 business days
  • More than 22 implants in less than 10 business days
  • More than 36 implants in less than 15 business days

We will strive to complete all order as quickly as possible, and will give you an estimated date of completion. In some cases our estimates may be shorter than the short-notice schedule above, in which case you will only pay $20 per implant.