The UCLA Behavioral Testing Core is supported through a UCLA Service Fund.  Users are charged an hourly fee for all use of the Facility.  Such uses include experimentation and computer analysis as well as basic statistical analysis.  The Behavioral Testing Core charges three basic rates.  The Direct Supervision rate is for use of the Testing Core during training or with direct supervision of the Assistant Researcher. The Indirect Supervision rate is for independent use of the facility after adequate training.  Normally, UCLA users initially conduct experiments and analyze data with direct input from a Core consultant.  When the Supervisor has deemed the user competent to work independently, users can conduct their experiments with assistance from a core consultant only as needed.  Core consultants are available during all business hours. An overtime surcharge fee will be added to any Direct Supervision or BTC-staff performed research requiring more than 8 hours of work per day or weekend hours. This is to offset overtime costs of the employees.

The BTC-staff performed rate is available for UCLA or outside labs that would like the Behavioral Testing Core staff to run their experiments. This service includes us performing all the behavioral elements of your experiment, extracting, compiling and sending the data associated with the experiment.

Please note that the Core does not charge per diem rates for the housing and care of laboratory animals.  These rates will be charged independently, by the DLAM-managed Franz Hall Vivarium.  The per diem rate for mice in B534 Franz Hall is currently at the DLAM rate of $0.685/cage/day.

Due to multiple requests, we now allow researchers to rent out our equipment for use within their own laboratories when the subjects cannot be relocated to our facilities. You can find a list of available equipment under the Behavioral Tasks menu. The rate structure for renting out the equipment is the same as if you were using it in our facility and varies depending on level of BTC staff involvement.

We are now offering a special discount rate for off-peak hours to select labs who have extensively used the BTC equipment as determined by number of hours of use within the previous 12 months and have shown proficiency in preforming the research. The discounted rate will only apply for experiments performed before 9:00 AM, after 4:00 PM and on weekends and is for unsupervised research. This new option is intended to free up time during the peak hours of use for less experienced users who may need more supervision as they begin their experiments. Your lab  will be notified if you meet our criteria to qualify for this discount.

We are also offering assistance with basic statistical analysis of your results. This service is available to anyone using our services but can only be used with results gathered through our services. For a more extensive analysis or help with your results from other elements of your research, we encourage you to review our Useful Links page for more options on campus.

You can also oder our custom-made fiberoptic implants for optogenetics research. You can find more info about this service at Custom Made Optogenetic Ferule Implants.

The rates for UCLA researchers are lower than those of outside users as it takes more hours spent on logistics and planning for outside users which are typically not billed as a service.

UCLA Researcher Rates

 Charge Per Hour
 Directly Supervised
 Indirectly Supervised
 BTC Staff-Performed Research
Off-Peak Bulk Use Discount Rate


Outside Researcher Rates

 Charge Per Hour
 Directly Supervised
 BTC Staff-Performed Research


Other Service Rates

 Charge Per Hour
 Statistical Analysis
 Overtime Surcharge Fee (only applicable to Directly Supervised and BTC Staff-Performed Research)
 $20 + regular hourly rate
Optogenetics Ferule Implants
$20/EA; $25/EA for Rush Orders