AnyMaze Tracking Software

We now offer the use of Stoelting’s AnyMaze Tracking Software

AnyMaze is able to automate most standard behavioral tests for both mice and rats, including the following:

Elevated Plus Maze
Open Field
Radial Arm Maze
Barnes Maze
Forced Swim Test

AnyMaze can be adapted for almost any behavioral tracking task. The software is able to control numerous output devices, such as lasers, dippers, food dispensers, shockers, lamps, speakers etc, and can be paired with input devices (i.e., nosepoke or lever) to control outputs.

Additionally, the software is able to generate numerous results within the program itself, as well as create videos for presentations and generate tracking and heat-maps of activity. Alternatively,  you can export any number of variables of raw data  into spreadsheets for further processing.

**Available for use at an hourly rate for Users that have collected videos outside the BTC**