Behavioral Tasks


***NEW in the core: We are now equipped with AnyMaze Behavioral Tracking software by Stoelting. Run your testing in the Core with AnyMaze, or bring your previously recorded videos to the Core for automated scoring!***

The BTC provides expert training and guidance in proposal preparation, experimental design, and statistical analyses.

The BTC offers a large array of behavioral tasks for mice and rats. We have included a brief description of some of the tasks here. However, we are always looking to expand and upgrade our tasks and equipment, so if you do not see a specific behavioral test listed, please contact us and we will discuss options to accommodate your request.

In addition to affective and neurocognitive assessments, the BTC has space and equipment for testing basic sensorimotor function, including a general neurophysiological screen (SHIRPA), gait analysis (cat walk), grip strength, balance, and more.

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