Visual Cliff Avoidance Task

The visual cliff test is used to assess depth perception and visual impairment.

The apparatus consists of a rectangular table draped with a table cloth with a white and black checkered pattern with each square being 1X1 inches, the three-chamber apparatus with one of the sections extending off the table and the opposite section closed off (there for balance), and a platform insert covered in the same checkered material between the section that is off the table and on the table.  The tablecloth extends down to the floor and across to the wall of the room to create the visual effect of a cliff drop-off.

The mouse is placed on the platform 10 times with the apparatus cleaned between each trial. Each time, the mouse has up to 5 minutes to exit off of the platform either to the side of the table or to the side off the cliff. Each choice is recorded and the choices are used in statistical analysis. The session can be recorded with a camera with an above view for more detailed analysis of Stretch Attend Posture, latency to choice, etc.