User Guidelines

Investigators who wish to use the Core must have an approved protocol with the Chancellor’s Animal Research Committee before experiments can begin.  We can provide assistance to researchers in writing research narratives for protocol submission to the ARC.  The protocol submission is performed through the RATS online system, available via the Office of Animal Research Oversight.  The P.I. of the user laboratory must submit the protocol or amendment, but we are happy to lend a hand in completing the form.  The protocol must list all personnel who will come into contact with the subjects and/or conduct the experiments.  All personnel listed must be certified by DLAM (UCLA’s Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine) for the use and care of animals.  The user’s protocol application should include descriptions of tasks only when the procedures differ from those approved in the Core’s omnibus Animal Use Protocol.  If the procedures do not differ from those approved, then the user’s protocol should list the tasks to be run by name only.  Additionally, the user’s protocol should reference the UCLA Behavioral Testing Core Animal Use Protocol (ARC # 2002-130-53) under the Experimental Design and Justification section.  Users should contact us before submitting their protocols to determine if their procedures should differ from those already approved for the facility.

Animals can be transferred to the Core’s vivarium space only after protocol approval.  Transportation of animals is made in coordination with the Core and with DLAM.  Movement of mice and personnel into the Core is subject to all of the appropriate instituted animal health regulations at UCLA, including requirements for recent health records before animals are transferred to the facility, restriction of movement of personnel between facilities, etc.  All transfer of animals into, out of, and within UCLA must comply with the Operating Procedures Governing Facilities for Mice at UCLA.  These operating procedures were established on July 2, 2001 by the Office of the Chancellor.  Among the provisions of these procedures are directions for the transfer of mice between facilities at UCLA.  The Behavioral Testing Core can accept mice from some UCLA facilities without quarantine.  Mice from all other facilities must go through quarantine before being housed in the Core.  No mice will enter the facility before all of the animal health requirements are met.  Current guidelines for health records and other issues related to transfer of mice can be found on the DLAM web page

Please note that transferring mice within UCLA can take 3-5 business days after a transfer is requested. To transfer mice within UCLA, you must label the cages to be transferred with the transfer request stickers and submit a transfer request form through the DLAM website: