UCLA is a recognized leader in biomedical sciences research, including preclinical studies that addresses disease progression and treatment development. The rodent Behavioral Testing Core (BTC) provides a much needed service to basic researchers looking to characterize disease models and/or analyze treatment efficacy in a preclinical setting. With state of the art facilities and services, the BTC enhances the standing of the UCLA research community in rodent behavioral testing. Our facilities offer researchers access to the expertise and equipment necessary to address a myriad of neuro-behavioral research questions, while bringing scientists together in a collaborative effort to link genes, disorders, and treatments with behavior.

The facility is available to all UCLA researchers, as well as outside researchers interested in the determination of behavioral phenotypes in different mouse and rat strains, and the effects that various genetic models and/or treatment options have on these phenotypic characteristics. The BTC was established with the assistance of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and is supported by the UCLA Bioscience Core Funding Initiative. Fees paid by individual users support the daily operations of our facilities.